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YouTube and Facebook are reaching up to five billion users and the popularity of their sister platforms Instagram and whatsapp are also creating new milestones. While YouTube search engine has become world’s 2nd largest search engine the queries for downloading the content offline as well having it to the drive has also increased in previous years. We have compiled a couple of tools and resources to have the video downloading on both PC and mobile should be in a really easy few steps for everyone .

Downloading YouTube videos on Mobile:

Step 1: Go to the YouTube app on your smartphone.
Step 2: Search for the video that you want to save.
Step 3: Open the video and right below it you will see a download option, tap on it.
Step 4: The downloading of the video will start. Once the video is downloaded you can view it in offline mode by going to Library option on YouTube.
The downloaded video can be watched even if there is no internet connection in your phone. In offline mode,open YouTube app and in library section all the downloaded videos are kept. However, these downloaded videos are available offline for 29 days from 1st time a user download them ,you can have the offline videos forever if you have working internet connection at least once for sync.

To have the YouTube video on your mobile phone’s storage, you will have to download Snaptube app on your device. To do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to official website and download the app on your phone.
Step 2: Find the link of YouTube video that you want to save and click on the download button.
Step 3: The video will be downloaded on your smartphone.

Downloading YouTube videos on desktop/laptop:

Step 1: Go to the website – * and paste the YouTube link of the video that you want to download.
Step 2: You can change the resolution of the video as per your choice.
Step 3: Click on the download button.
Step 4: Once the YouTube video is downloaded, you can check it in the Download folder of your desktop or laptop.

* and also offering YouTube downloads.


How to download Facebook videos on mobile/desktop:

Step 1: Go to the Facebook video that you want to download on your mobile, desktop.
Step 2: Click on the Share button.
Step 3: Tap on More options and press the Copy option. You can also click on the three vertical dots icon and choose the Copy link option.
Step 4: Open * and paste the link on the box.
Step 5: Tap on the Download button.
Step 6: Click on More Options and select press on Force Download SD or HD.
Step 7: The Facebook video will be saved in the Downloads folder of your device.

* and also also offering Facebook downloads.

There are many browser download extensions and software like 4k video downloader, sanaptubeapp, airy TouTube downlaoder, getfvid apps and extensions can be used for downloading the videos.


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